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Contacts for Callala Junior Sailing School Inc.

ABN: 36 479 414 368

For enquiries, suggestions or information please send an email.

We will reply as soon as possible.

email: Callala Junior Sailing School

Or Telephone one of the committee members:

President: Sander Van Nouhuys => 0417 258876
Secretary: Sonya Longfield => 0429 076936
Vice President: Issac Van Nouhuys
Treasurer: Peter Woodlands => 0428 281198
Child safety Officer: Louise Alexander
Medical Officer: Cathryn Montomery

Facebook Page

Club Boatshed Location

Southern end of Boat Ramp Reserve off Boorawine Street in Callala Bay (see map below)

Postal Address

PO Box 12, Callala Bay, NSW 2540


Jervis Bay Sailing Club

Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club

Sailability NSW